Thursday, December 6, 2012


So its been a while since we last posted on here, so lets get caught up.
First off the Pretty Sweet DVD is here and so good!!!!
Its been in the dvd player since its arrival.
Also local skateboard/longboard company Capaneus has a few new boards out.
All are 8 ply, 3 styles. a drop through, a top mount, and a drop down/drop through.
Dazed skateboards also just came out with a new graphic,and lots are in stock.
And we are gonna be receiving a grip of Instrument Skateboards in the next day or two.
We think its very important to support local skateboarding. Its hard being the little guy, and local companies are looking out for us, their community! SUPPORT!!!!!
OK. Now here are some crappy pictures of stuff we recently got in!
Thanks for your support!!!
5BORO Boards and Tees

Lakai Linden and Marc

Pretty Sweet stuff

Girl and Chocolate hats and beanies

Girl and Chocolate decks

Capaneus Decks

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  1. Nice posting "Skateboards " .I have no words. THIS IS AMAZING!! Congrats!!