Thursday, June 20, 2013


Well in case folks don't know, June 21 is GO SKATE DAY!
There are alot of events happening around the area tomorrow.
Terre Haute Skatepark benefit is happening from 10am-8pm.  This is the event we at Rhett are going to!
Lawrenceburg/Blacklist go skate event is happening all day tomorrow in Lawrenceburg IN.  A big posse from here is going to that as well.
Killer Skatepark in Evansville is having an contest tomorrow at 4pm Evansville time.
Also some folks will probably meet here at the shop and skate tomorrow as well.
Since there is so much stuff going on, there will be no official Rhett event here in Bloomington tomorrow.
But this shouldnt discourage you from going out and skating with your homies.
That is what Go Skate Day is all about. Skating with your friends.
We will also have shorter hours tomorrow.
We will be open 4-7 pm.  
Sorry for the inconvenience, but its go skate day, and we are gonna GO SKATE!!!!!
Thanks so much for everyones support! We couldnt do this without this super rad community of skaters!