Wednesday, September 26, 2012


So its been a while since our last post!
September has been really busy for us here, and we were worrying more about skateboarding than the internet! Sorry-
We had a Landyachtz BBQ, which was awesome, even though it rained. We still put the grill under the canopy, and smoked ourselves out!
Lots of good tasting veggie dogs!
We also did a demo at Lotus Fest. Photos coming soon!!!!
This week we got in a ton of orders.......
New DLX stuff from Anti Hero, Krooked, and Real.
Lots of soft goods, and decks!
Here are a few of my favorite:

We also just got hooked up with 5BORO skateboards.
Those guys are KILLING it right now.
Some of the best graphics.  Team is so gnarly, and the recent dvd they just put out is one of the best representations of raw east coast street skating there has ever been!!!!
We are super stoked to be carrying a super rad company!
Check out their website
And here is a video of Willy Akers shredding some DIY spot in Jersey....with a couple of homies thrown in the mix!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012


SO a lot has happened since our last blogpost!
First off we DID NOT move locations.  We had some weird things happen and just ended up staying where we are.  We did however tear down all the walls we had and made the place way more spacious.
Please come by and check out the new/old place!
Rhett has a lot of stuff happening in September.
While we are still trying to get everything situated at the store, we are also working on some really cool things for this month!
First off: First Thursday is Sept. 6 at 6 pm. at the skatepark.  This is the first First Thursday since all of the students got back, so come out to the park and sesh with everyone!
Second: On Sept. 17 and 18 Landyachtz skateboards is coming to town to hang out and skate! We are gonna be having a cook out on the 17th...probably at the skateshop. We are still trying to get everything lined up to make it happen. So keep you ears peeled for more info. We will be posting more at a later date!
Third: Rhett Skateboarding was asked to do a DEMO at the Lotus Fest this year!  The demo will start at 10 pm and last about a half hour.  It will feature the Rhett Skateboarding team and a few buddies. This is sure to be a SUPER RAD event!  We are really stoked to be a part of such an amazing art and music festival.
That is the schedule for September!  Lots of cool thing happening, plus the weather is gonna start changing and fall is gonna be here! Best time of the year to skate!!!!!
So we are gonna leave with a small edit of David Shiu, to get ya'll stoked on all the skating this month!
Thanks for the support!!!!!!