Friday, January 25, 2013

New Arrivals 1-25

We got some new things in this week. Stop by and check em out!

New Emericas.  Hsu, Westgate, G-CODE!!!

Remind Insoles.  Cush and Remedy.
Seriously, a good insole can make a huge difference.  
I never cared until I started having knee problems, and found out I needed arch support.
Its not only helped my knees, but also my back and posture.  (stretching, and exercises also help alot!)
But, its pretty cool that there are insole brands now that actually look at the science of landing , and make insoles for skateboarding specifically.  Also they will last multiple pairs of shoes.
Check em out!

As always thanks for the support!  We will be closing this Sunday through Wednesday for painting and re-modeling.  If you need things give us a call, and we'll try to get you what you need!
Thanks. See ya soon!!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shop CLOSED Sun-Wed.

Sorry about the late notice, but the shop will be closed this Sunday through Wednesday, January 27-30.
We are doing some winter re-arranging, and painting.
Hopefully Rhett will look a lot different when we re-open on Thursday!
If anyone needs ANYTHING those few days we are closed, please call the shop. 
(812) 336-9321 
If we dont answer, leave a message, and we will get back to you soon! 
We are willing to make plans to get you stuff!
Thanks SO much for everyones support over the past year and a half.
We are truly blessed to be part of such an amazing community!
Thank You!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Local Company of the Week: Diverge Skateboards

Well its being announced a day late, but Diverge is the local company of the week!
All Diverge decks are on sale for $35, with free grip!
Thanks for supporting local skateboarding! This is what keeps the scene alive!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Local Company of the Week: Toast Skateboards

We mentioned this a few weeks ago, but through ALL of January and February, we are going to spotlight a local skateboard company.  We will be posting videos and the decks of that company featured for the week will be on sale!
This week we are highlighting Toast Skateboards.  All their decks will be on sale all week.
Only $35 with FREE Grip!
The midwest skateboard scene depends on these local companies to help support our scenes!
This is our way of giving back!
Thanks for your support.
check them out at

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Arrivals 1-4-13

We have been getting a bunch of orders the last few days!
Here are some of the goodies-
DGK Decks, and Parental Advisory dvd  Restock.

Lots of new SLAVE Decks! End of the World Graphics!

We were only able to get a very limited number of these Powell Peralta Re-issues.
Special Edition Bones Brigade Decks.
If you are a board collector, you know you dont want to miss out on these!

And we just got the new Thrasher Mag.
King of the Road issue.  Comes with free King of the Road dvd!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

We at Rhett hope everyone had a safe and happy new year!
2012 was a great year, but 2013 is gonna rule even harder!

Winter in Indiana sucks, so we are trying to make some things happen these next few months that will hopefully make it a little less sucky-

First off.  Our winter hours start today,  Jan 2.
They will be:    Monday-Saturday 12-6 pm.    
                         Sunday 1-5 pm.

Secondly, we are going to start doing a weekly video showing called
 'T.V. PARTY at Rhett!'
    Basically every Friday from 6-8 pm we will be showing skate videos at the shop on the big screen!
    (or at least a bigger screen than our current TV!)
The plan is to show all different types of videos.  Classics,  Brand new videos,  Indie videos, Documentaries, etc....
Our first 'T.V. PARTY at Rhett' will be January 11! Please come out for a fun time with the homies!!!

The midwest skateboard scene gets very little coverage in the skate world. What keeps this scene alive are the small local skate companies and shops that care about skateboarding with their whole being.  The folks who put on contests, sponsor local kids, build spots, and save old decks for kids who are broke, these are the people who keep Indiana, and midwest skateboarding alive!
As a way of showing support and giving back to everyone involved in the local skate scene we are going to be featuring a company of the week. Only small, local, midwest brands!
We will be posting videos online, and putting their decks on sale!

Every week a different skate company's decks will be $35 with free grip!

This is our way of giving back to the small companies who have supported us, and your way of supporting them! 
This sale will start next Monday, Jan. 7!  Keep an ear open. More details soon!

Again, we would like to thank everyone for their support over the past year and a half!
This shop is truly blessed to be part of this skateboard community. None of this could be done with out YOU!!!!