Sam K Grind

Sam K Grind

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rhett Skateboarding

Welcome to Rhett Skateboarding's website.
Yup, we know it sucks! There was a time when we tried to keep up on it, but then skateboarding got in the way. Basically we would rather be riding than working on blog posts.
So with that: Here's the shop info!

Rhett Skateboarding.
Located in Bloomington, Indiana.
Open: Monday thru Saturday, 12-7 pm. Sunday 1-5 pm.
Our phone # is (812) 336-9321
Our email is

If you are interested in whats going on check us out:
Facebook (2) :

If you are looking for skateboarding we recommend on of these fine skateboard websites!

Now its time to go skate!!!!!!


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