Sam K Grind

Sam K Grind

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This GO SKATE DAY is gonna be a super fun one!
There are a lot of things happening all over the place and we want to fill you in on all the rad ones!!!!
First off, Rise Skateboard Shop in Carmel is having a ZERO Skateboards signing at Rise followed by a session at the Carmel Skatepark.
Second, Blacklist Boardshop in Lawrenceburg and Killer Skatepark in Evansville are having contests/sessions/BBQ's at their skate parks.
And Last but DEFINITELY not Least, 
We are meeting up here at Rhett around 5 pm on Thursday to just have a good CHILL skate around town.
We will not be hitting up campus this year. Feel free to go there earlier, or whenever you want, but some folks will get arrested if we go there, so we are gonna stick to spots that are not so much of a bust!
Also Rhett is NOT responsible for anyone getting in trouble. Remember guys skateboarding is a crime, and we are all skating at our own risk. 
So all interested should be here around 5pm. We'll SHRED!!!!

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