Sam K Grind

Sam K Grind

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Help the Community and get a $20 gift card

A good friend of mine is working for the I.U. school of medicine doing a study to see where education about sexually transmitted infections is needed the most.  The study is aimed at men from ages 17-24.  Rhett Skateboarding will be helping in the study by providing a venue for the testing to take place.  For one to be involved in the study they must be a male, age 17-24.  In order for participating in the study one will receive a $20 gift card to Rhett Skateboarding.  To participate in the study, you will have to take a s.t.i. test involving urinating in a cup, and filling out a short form.
This is a great way to get involved in helping out the Bloomington community and helping to raise awareness of sexually transmitted infections/diseases.  If anyone is interested you can call here at the shop for more details (812)336-9321.
Testing will happen on Saturday Sept. 24 from 1-5 here at the skateshop.  If you would like to schedule an appointment on another date you can call 812-266-1978 for more details.
Thanks for the Support!

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