Sam K Grind

Sam K Grind

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Rhett Skateboarding had a great first weekend.  The first Thursday sesh at the park was super fun. Its really exciting to see everyone come out and support the scene.  Friday was Rhett's first day of business, and so many people came out to say hey or get some was so good!
I basically just want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone in Bloomington, and beyond, who has helped me in any way or come out to support Bloomington skateboarding.  I seriously couldn't have done any of this with out your help!
I want to especially thank Ryan Smith, Buddy Best, and Joe Hughes.  Their support and friendship has really gotten the shop to where it is now.  THANK YOU!
If you are in Indy and need skateboard stuff check out Rise, if you are in Lawrenceberg, check out Blacklist.
Thanks again to everyone who skateboards.  We will be getting more product in every week leading up to our Grand Opening on May 30th, so make sure to stop by to see whats coming in!
-Jonathan Prather

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